In the world of sports media, staying ahead in the SEO game is more crucial than ever, especially with the pending Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE).

For brands like Planet Sport and our drive for sports media and sports betting success, this shift will demand a strategic pivot to ensure our content not only survives but thrives.

Here are a few tactics for adapting your SEO strategy to maintain and increase your website traffic amidst these ever-changing dynamics, particularly for those focusing on sports media.

A few suggestions that will help your SEO journey:

Amplify your brand’s presence

1: Enhance Off-Page SEO:

Elevating your brand’s visibility is key. By establishing your platform as a go-to resource in the sports media game, you’ll secure a loyal audience eager for your unique content.

Strategies include:

  • Brand Ambassadors: Leverage influential figures in the sports world to champion your brand.
  • Strategic Sponsorships: Align with sports events and teams to boost brand recognition.
  • Community Engagement: Foster a vibrant community that values your content beyond the SGE’s reach.

These are not short-term returns and can take months for any signals

Elevate content quality

2: Elevate Your Content Game: Move Beyond the Basics SGE aims to streamline access to simple queries and how-tos.

Counter this by offering:

  • Exclusive Insights: Share expert analyses and predictions that can’t be found elsewhere.
  • Unique Content Formats: Diversify with podcasts, videos, and interactive articles tailored to the sports media and sports betting community.
  • Innovative Storytelling: Use compelling narratives to discuss trends, techniques, and the science of sports betting.

Engage through interactive content

3: These twists and turns can include:

  • Live Forums: Host discussions and live commentary, enhancing the betting experience during major sports events.
  • Expert Q&A Sessions: Offer direct access to sports analysts and betting experts.
  • Fan Contributions: Encourage submissions of analysis, predictions, and betting tips from your community.
  • Planet Sport has invested heavily in CrowdyNews, an AI-powered platform that harnesses and filters social media.
  • Newsletters: These are a great way to keep your brand front of mind.
  • Comments on Articles: Allow users to engage with your articles.
  • Live Blogs – Include user feedback.

There is a need for careful monitoring and measures to be put in place that are heavy on resources but crucial.

Expand your reach beyond search

4: Broaden Your Digital Footprint: Diversify your presence across various platforms to capture audiences beyond traditional web and mobile search engines.


  • Mobile Applications: Develop apps that provide unique content, betting tools, and live updates.
  • Social Media Engagement: Utilise platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to share insights, breaking news, and behind-the-scenes content.
  • Podcast Platforms: Produce engaging podcasts that offer deep dives into sports analytics, betting strategies, and interviews with experts.

By adapting these strategies, sports entertainment websites can navigate the challenges posed by SGE. It’s about leveraging our strengths—deep industry knowledge, a passionate community, and a commitment to quality content—to continue engaging our audience in this new digital landscape.

Remember, the goal is to enhance visibility, engage deeply with your audience, and explore new platforms for content distribution, ensuring you remain at the forefront of sports media insights.

Just remember, there are no silver bullets!


I'm Barrie Jarrett, born in Leeds, lived over a decade in South Africa, CEO And Co Founder of Planet Sport Limited and Planet Bet Limited.

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