I recently had the pleasure of visiting Genoa, Italy for a special celebration and discovered a captivating city just waiting to be explored. 

I’ve been to Italy before, but only in the South, so I was excited to see what the Northwest had in store. Here are 5 things to do in Genoa that are sure to make your trip unforgettable, light-hearted, and fun.

Discovering Genoa

Genoa, the capital of Northwest Italy’s Liguria region, is a bustling port city that’s alive with energy. As you wander through the narrow streets and stumble upon charming piazzas filled with coffee shops and restaurants, you’ll be delighted by the locals’ fluency and willingness to communicate in English compared to the South. And with a backdrop of hills adorned with buildings stacked like Lego blocks, Genoa is nothing short of enchanting.

1. Soak in the City Views from a Rooftop Balcony

If you’re lucky enough to rent a penthouse with a rooftop balcony, you’re in for a treat! Take in the 360° views of the city, admire the slate rooftops, medieval towers, and Baroque domes, and watch as ships of all shapes and sizes sail the sea.

2. Savour a Memorable Meal at an Irish Pub

While in Genoa, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy some delicious pizza and a cold IPA or Guinness at an Irish pub. Complete with a foosball table and big screens to watch football, it’s the perfect spot to unwind and have some fun.

3. Admire the Iconic Fountain at Piazza De Ferrari

At the heart of Genoa lies Piazza De Ferrari, a bustling square adorned with a picturesque bronze fountain designed by architect Giuseppe Crosa di Vergagni. The fountain, which was recently restored, is a renowned symbol of the city. Grab a table, enjoy a coffee, and watch the world go by in this lively and historic part of town.

4. Explore the Coast with a Boat Tour

Set sail on a tranquil cruise through Genoa’s harbour and along its coastline. Admire the city’s diverse architecture, spot the lighthouse and hilltop forts, and create lasting memories of this remarkable city by the sea.

You can’t miss out on Portofino. What a wonderful atmosphere, complete with wealthy and famous people flaunting their incredible fortune.

Relax with an aperitif and some light bites while taking in the opulent surroundings and allowing your imagination to daydream about what it would be like to live in such a wealthy community where boats are moored one next to the other.

5. Embrace the Hills of Genoa as well as The Galleon Neptune

Genoa is a hilly city with plenty of steps, which may pose a challenge for some visitors. Embrace the inclines and treat them as an opportunity to burn off those delicious Italian meals while immersing yourself in the city’s charming atmosphere.

Bonus: Connect with the Friendly Locals

One of the most memorable aspects of Genoa is the genuine friendliness of its residents. The slow-paced, welcoming nature of the locals is sure to leave a lasting impression on your heart.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Genoa was the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, the famous Italian explorer and navigator? His house still stands as a monument in the city!

Getting Around

With an abundance of transport options, there’s no need to rent a car in Genoa. Taxis, buses, and trains are readily available to help you navigate the city with ease. Just be mindful of potential cruise cancellations due to bad weather, and have alternative plans in place.

Friendships and meeting new people

One of the most rewarding aspects of any journey is the opportunity to travel with friends and create shared memories. Exploring new destinations, discovering local cuisine, and navigating unfamiliar streets together can strengthen bonds and foster a sense of camaraderie. Moreover, the joy of sharing unique experiences and laughing together over unexpected surprises can turn a simple trip into an unforgettable adventure. An unforgettable Geordie phrases “Why aye, man!”

In conclusion, Genoa is a captivating city with a wealth of activities and experiences to offer. Whether you’re exploring its rich history, indulging in culinary delights, or capturing memories with your camera, you’re sure to have an unforgettable trip.

Barrie and Wynston in Italy

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Barrie and Wynston in Italy


I'm Barrie Jarrett, born in Leeds, lived over a decade in South Africa, CEO And Co Founder of Planet Sport Limited and Planet Bet Limited.

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