Leeds United, one of England’s most famous football teams, dates to the early twentieth century when it took the place of Leeds City.

Let’s look at how Leeds City evolved into the powerhouse that is Leeds United.

Leeds City: The Beginnings

Leeds City was voted to the English Football League’s Second Division alongside Port Vale and Chelsea at the annual general meeting in 1905.

Leeds City accepted their status in Division II as the League expanded to forty clubs.

Dissolution and financial irregularities

After the First World War ended in 1919, Leeds City was embroiled in a controversy over suspected financial irregularities, including breaching the ban on paying players throughout the war.

The club was dissolved because its directors failed to participate with the Football Association’s investigation and refused to produce financial information.

As a result, Leeds City was kicked out of The Football League only eight games into the 1919-20 season.

Leeds United’s Ascension

Despite Leeds City’s untimely demise, football in Leeds was far from gone. Port Vale took up Leeds City’s Division Two matches in October 1919, leaving a vacancy that was quickly filled by a new team, Leeds United.

Leeds United was founded almost immediately and took over the Midland League matches of Leeds City reserves.

Division Two debut

Leeds United, together with Cardiff City and Grimsby Town, were elected to Division Two in 1920.

Grimsby and Lincoln City were relegated from the League, but the formation of a Third Division provided optimism.

The Southern League’s 22 members were elected as a group, with Grimsby finally gaining a place in the new Third Division.

Leeds United’s Legacies

Leeds United has prospered and made an unmistakable influence on English football since its establishment.

The club rose from the ashes of Leeds City to achieve tremendous success, including top-flight victories and memorable European campaigns.

Leeds United is still a symbol of perseverance and footballing prowess.


From its modest origins as Leeds City, which faced financial difficulties and dissolution, to its glorious rebirth as Leeds United, the club’s path exemplifies the passion and persistence of Leeds football fans.

Leeds United’s heritage continues to inspire football fans across the world to aspire for excellence on and off the pitch.


I'm Barrie Jarrett, born in Leeds, lived over a decade in South Africa, CEO And Co Founder of Planet Sport Limited and Planet Bet Limited.

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