Explore the untapped potential of AI in business and learn how to leverage tools like Chat GPT for system efficiency, content creation, and competitive advantage.

The realm of artificial intelligence (AI) is abuzz with potential, yet its true capacity remains vastly underutilised in the media and broadcasting spheres. AI, including Chat GPT, is not just a modern catchphrase but a transformative tool that, when leveraged correctly, can transcend the common race to mediocrity.

Despite widespread discussion and growing adoption, a mere fraction of businesses and individuals harness AI’s full capabilities. A closer examination reveals three pivotal aspects that many overlook when integrating AI into their operations.

Systems: The foundation of effective AI utilisation lies in robust systems. From project management suites like Click-up to sophisticated CRMs, CMS’s and Note Takes, these tools are integral, yet startlingly, many lack the necessary infrastructure. Without the proper systems, AI’s potential to streamline business processes and enhance efficiency remains unreachable.

Documentation: The heart of AI’s effectiveness in publishing is comprehensive documentation. A discernible AI-written post often signifies a dearth of essential inputs like style guides, SEO strategies, and brand directives. Furnishing AI with these resources empowers it to mirror your unique voice, tone, and operational nuances, turning a chatbot into an invaluable asset for business fluidity and profitability.

Expectation Management: Misconceptions about AI’s capabilities are rife. Some undervalue its proficiency, while others fear it as a job-usurper. The reality is a balance: AI may not replace every task but can significantly reduce workload by automating 70-80% of operations, thus optimising productivity without overextending mental resources.

Remarkably, and according to reports, only about 0.28% of Chat GPT 4 users are maximising the platform’s potential, suggesting a vast landscape of opportunity. The era of AI dominance in business is akin to the transition from bicycles to automobiles, and now is the prime time to embrace this technological evolution to realise your business aspirations.

I would say that the rise of AI in business parallels the shift from bicycles to automobiles, and the time is ripe to adopt this technological evolution to achieve our business goals.


I'm Barrie Jarrett, born in Leeds, lived over a decade in South Africa, CEO And Co Founder of Planet Sport Limited and Planet Bet Limited.

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